Onice Miracle Hair Shampoo


    Our Miracle Hair Shampoo is the best natural shampoo in the market, without question. Our specially curated selection of herbs, natural ingredients, and natural scents allows our formula to stand...

    Onice Noppakow Herbal Soap


    One soap for cleansing, peeling, whitening and softening the skin, due to its effective herbal ingredients such as wild turmeric, licorice, mint and vitex. It is also effective in treating...

    Onice Hair Repair Treatment Mask


    Onice Hair Repair Treatment Mask is the best natural hair mask in the market Along with our handmade natural soaps and our Miracle Hair Shampoo, ONICE is also proud to offer our customers...

    Onice Miracle Hair Serum


    ONICE Miracle Hair Serum is a natural extract containing essential nutrients for the scalp. With our special technology, the serum can penetrate deep into the hair roots. It helps to...

    Snow Mousse Hair Removal Spray

    AED80.00 AED210.00

    Easily & quickly remove hair, just shake the bottle and sprinkle on the targeted area and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then wipe it with a cloth or a tissue....

    Aqutop Water Color Makeup Cream

    AED135.00 AED120.00

    A silky-smooth, radiance face primer to minimize the look of pores and helps skin look bright and awake AQUTOP Water Color Makeup Cream has different types depending on your skin...

    Pinnara Coconut Oil Serum with vitamin C & E


    - Applied on face and body to protect skin from bacterial infection, remove skin dead cells and prevent skin from aging, dryness and spots of any kind. It can also...

    Ze Seven Bright & Protect Sunscreen SPF50 PA


       Waterproof sunscreen with silky touch, soft, smooth and comfortable for skin. It does not clog the pores Blocking UV/A/B & visible light is to 50 times Help skin...

    Aqutop Water Color Foundation Cream Pact

    AED150.00 AED125.00

    The foundation is spread tightly on the skin without clogging on one stop with its thin and fine mesh nets. Three functions in one foundation - Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, and UV...

    Lucir Hydra Firming Mask two sheets

    AED30.00 AED18.00

    Careful Care with rice water for youthful skin. The innovative Lucir mask, specially designed for daily skincare, works through regular use to tighten the skin and get rid of the...

    Chinn Make Up Base Silky Sunscreen SPF 50 PA +++


    Chinn 2 in 1 base Make Up and Sunscreen Cream Protect the skin from sunshine UVB, SPF pa50+++ Whitens the skin with Pearl powder Glow up the skin as Korean style Cover dark...

    Neonine Gold Aloe Vera Booster Gel


    A lightweight, non-greasy face serum that is rich in efficiency and value from gold and Organic Active extracts from Aloe Vera. Which has the property to soothe the skin gently...

    Neonine Aloe Vera Topping Balm Topical Treatment For Body


    NEONINE Aloe Vera Topping Balm Body care products with aloe vera extracts and over 9 natural substances combined with the value of vitamin C & E, light texture, not sticky. ...

    Be-10 Premium Bio Cell Eye Sheet


    be-10 PREMIUM BIO CELL EYE SHEETEye care sheet for rejuvenation containing pure raw human stem cell cultured fluid [Made in JAPAN 100%]Eye care sheet aimed at rejuvenating the skin. In...

    Be-10 Premium Face Mask


    be-10 PREMIUM FACE MASKFace mask for rejuvenation containing pure raw human stem cell cultured fluid Face mask aimed at rejuvenating the skin. In addition to the 4 ingredients for rejuvenation,...

    Be-10 Intensive Rejuvenating Cream 28 days course


    be-10 INTENSIVE CREAMSkin care cream for rejuvenation containing pure raw human stem cell cultured fluid [Made in JAPAN 100%]Skin care cream aimed at rejuvenating the skin. In addition to the...

    Be-10 intensive serum


    Be-10 INTENSIVE SERUMSerum for rejuvenation containing pure raw human stem cell cultured fluid [Made in JAPAN 100%]Serum aimed at rejuvenating the skin. In addition to the 4 ingredients for rejuvenation,...

    BOOM Gluta Shots Powder Nourish, Radiant White Skin


    BOOM Glutathione, New Innovation, Melts in the Mouth, Highly Satisfactory, in fact the world has a higher temperature every year Inevitably exposing us to UV rays from the sun and...

    Boom Collagen Plus Powder


    dietary supplement product for youthful and radiant skin Properties Boom Collagen Plus is the dietary supplement that contains up to 36 ingredients for body health, beauty from inside out, reduction...

    Siri Montra Natural Thai Perfume Kit

    AED375.00 AED350.00

    Thai Royal Palace Traditional perfume is authentic fragrance originated far-back from the "Royal Palace" during the reign of King Rama V (C. E. 1868).  This popular scented fragrance is extracted...

    KIREMO Intimate Rejuvenation Set


    Sensitive Cleanser Tightening & firming Defeats Vaginal Dryness Protects From Microbial Pathogens Eliminates Odors  Brightening Skin Moisturizing 

    Kiremo Camellia Blossom Soothing Cleansing Mousse


    Clean intimate area Reduce leucorrhea (use with Kiremo Essence for faster result) Balance pH of intimate area Minimize odor, itchiness with scent for long time Prevent molds and bacteria Direction...

    Kiremo Camellia Blossom Soothing Essence


    Helps intimate area to be firm and young Bright & pinkish skin Reduce melanin creation Maintain softness and moisture of intimate area Balance pH of intimate area Reduce skin irritation...

    Neonine Aloe Vera Cream


    Facial skin care products Rich in values ​​from concentrated Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E which is effective in soothing the skin gently and helps to retain moisture in the...

    Miss-S Natural Cleansing Gel


    A special combination of neem leaves, licorice, aloe Vera and vitamin B5. It deeply cleanses the skin and clears it from acne, removes make-up, reduces oiliness in the skin, tightens...

    Siri Montra Natural Thai Perfume


    Thai Royal Palace Traditional perfume is authentic fragrance originated far-back from the "Royal Palace" during the reign of King Rama V (C. E. 1868).  This popular scented fragrance is extracted...

    Neonine Mild Nature Soap


    Facial cleansing product. gentle on the skin, clean the skin thoroughly, with SLS-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free. Does not make the skin dry and tight after washing. Combining the value of...

    Natural Detoxifying Acne Clay Mask


    An organic detox mask reduces acne, dark spots and wrinkles. Reduces inflammation and pores, moisturizes the skin and increases its radiance. Effective with no side effects. ingredients  Aloe Vera, Ceramide...

    Moringa Anti Aging Oil

    AED80.00 AED140.00

    SUPERIOR MORINGA HEALTHY AGING SUPPORT: Moringa antiaging oil is specially made for optimal skin support. These formulated premium blends of ingredients help tighten and firm your look and promote skin hydration,...

    All in One NIBS Cleansing Balm


    Balm Type Cleanser. Perfect deep cleansing. Soft, Smooth touch.It contains cacao seed butter which protects the skin and prevents evaporation of moisture. It turns into a soft oily form as...

    Ze Seven Acne Serum


    Not only for reduce acne but also reduce skin inflammation,Dramatically reduce inflammation just one time using without irritation. can be used for sensitive skin. Properties - Nutrient Serum : Oil...

    Makham Thai Shower Gel


    this pH balance and free from SLS and SLES formula designed for intensive moisturizer. Contain naturally-derived cleansing agent that provides mild, superior foaming and deep cleansing without concerns of eyes...

    Makham Thai Handmade Natural Spa Soap


    Facial&Body Soap, Gentle foaming handmade soap a mild deeply cleansing without make skin dry. Each scent with selected ingredients and also contains rice bran oil, sunflower oil, and Shea butter...

    Bath & Massage Body Oil


    BATH & MASSAGE BODY OIL MAKHAM THAI Bath & Massage Body Oil is clear golden oil with the silky touch and non-greasy texture create a sensation of pleasure. This is a...

    Wink White Whitening Body Lotion


    Wink White Whitening Body Lotion SPF PA+++Key FeaturesThe miracle nourishing body lotion with Kumato benefits for brightening skin within 7 days!PropertiesWink White Whitening Body Lotion is the miracle for skin...

    Trantraks Toothpaste


    Trantraks has a perfect combination of nature. Produced from Thai herbs, clean, safe to teeth, white, Strong, you're buying insurance for your last set of teeth fresh and confident all...

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