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Gentlemen's Tea Set


Description Classy, bold and tasteful are some attributes that define The Kettlery's Gentleman's Tea Set. This tea set is a tea connoisseur's dream featuring the best selection of premium loose...

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Classy, bold and tasteful are some attributes that define The Kettlery's Gentleman's Tea Set. This tea set is a tea connoisseur's dream featuring the best selection of premium loose leaf Darjeeling, Nilgiri and Assam teas. The Gentlemen's Tea Set is a perfect gift for every gentleman tea lover that appreciates the fine taste of a connoisseur straight tea.

All our teas are 100% Natural, Non-GMO Verified, Vegan & Ethically Sourced.

Inside The Gentlemen's Tea Set

The beautifully designed Gentlemens Tea Set contains:

3 Darjeeling Teas, 2 Nilgiri Teas, 1 Assam Tea

1 Brew Maker

1 Iced Tea Glass

6 Storage Tea Tins

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Product FAQS

Q1. Is Gentlemens Tea Set available for Corporate Gifts?

A1. Yes, we take bulk and custom orders for Gentlemen's Tea Set for Corporate & Wedding Gifts

Q2. What kind of customization you can offer for Gentlemens Tea Set?


We offer custom logo printing on the tins and a custom screen over the Gentlemens tea set for corporate gifting. We also print custom marketing material to place inside the box per request. Please note customization only available for order quantities above 50 pcs

Q3. Is there a minimum order quantity for corporate or bulk order?

A3. There is no minimum order quantity as such but we offer attractive bulk discounts for higher order quantities

Q4. Is there a lead time if we want to place a bulk order?

A4. There's no lead time for Retail buyers and order gets shipped within a day. For bulk orders there's a lead time of 15 days depending on your order quantity.

Gift Wellness & Luxury with Gentlemen's Tea Set the perfect gift for the perfect gentlemen Looking for a gift for him - father? brother? husband? boyfriend? clients? We know it's hard to shop for men! Especially when you are looking for the perfect gift for him. Him who is so perfect that nothing less than perfect can work! We heard you, we feel your pain! Here's what you've been looking for!The Gentlemen s tea set is a perfect gift for gentlemen tea lovers. It consists of six connoisseur Indian teas including direct from source Darjeeling Teas, Nilgiri Teas & Assam Teas. Six airtight storage tins, one tea maker and one artisanal tea glass. Can be customized for Corporate Gifts. A corporate gift fit for CEO. Fill the form below to get the bulk gifting rates for Gentlemen's Tea Set Get Bulk Rates Inside The Gentlemen's Tea Set BPA Free Brew Maker designed to brew hot tea & coffee at high temperatures Best Mechanical Loose Leaf Tea Maker The Kettlery's Brew Maker is a revolutionary product that allows you to experience the real flavors of premium loose leaf teas. The Brew Maker uses the direct immersion brewing method producing an extremely rich body of tea easily & effortlessly. Made with BPA Free acrylic, its Aroma & Flavor Lock System retains the natural flavors of premium loose teas without bitterness, acidity or leaves in the infusion and the unique dispense mechanism allows for a hassle free dispensing of the infusion. Double Walled Iced Tea Glass Beautiful insulated artisanal tea glass to enjoy hot and iced teas The Double Walled Iced Tea Glass is made with high quality borosilicate glass to serve your favorite hot or iced teas. The double glass layer provides insulation and the dramatic visual appeal of a floating liquid. Serve your teas in style with The Kettlery's artisanal glass tea accessories. Direct from Source Teas in Airtight Black Tea Tins Darjeeling Teas, Assam Teas & Nilgiri teas in food grade square tins Gentlemens Tea Set Contains Direct from Source high grown loose leafDarjeeling Green Teas & Black TeasNilgiri Green Teas & Black TeasAssam Black TeasAlong with six Airtight Square tea tins that allow for safe storage of teas. Small in size, these tins are easily stackable, travel friendly and a great option for gifting. Boost Immunity with Green Teas. The Gentlemens Tea Set contains directly sourced Darjeeling green teas and Nilgiri green teas. Both these green teas have unique taste and flavors native to the region of cultivation. Enjoy serenity and peace around with these delicious artisanal green teas. A perfect gift for every tea lover. Energizing, Robust & Bold - Black teas are rich in theaflavins, a potent antioxidant that has shown impressive cardiovascular benefits. They are also widely known for increasing mental alertness. Their robust flavor can be fully appreciated when paired with spicy foods or thick & rich desserts. They also pair well with milk and sugar and can be used to make delicious dessert teas, Tea Lattes & Frappuccinos. Get Flawless Hair & Skin with White Teas. White teas have a very delicate flavor and aroma which can easily be overwhelmed by strongly flavored food. White teas are best enjoyed alone, between or after meals. Adding white teas to your daily diet can help you gain flawless skin and great hair as they promote body hydration and energy. Lowest in caffeine they are fit to be consumed any time of the day. Customize your white tea with your favorite spices, fruits or flowers and create your own blends. It's that easy. All the teas at The Kettlery undergo a very thorough quality assurance process. We only source 100% natural high grown loose leaf teas directly from tea gardens around the world. We have an extensive tea cupping schedule for each teas to ensure only the best tea lands in your cup! To know more about us visit our About Page. 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