PURC Ginger Essential Hair Growth Serum

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Size: 35ml Hair Oil

Size: 35ml Hair Oil
35ml Hair Oil
50ml Hair Serum
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Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil


Ginger extract is recognized as an effective component for hair growth. Just a few drops can effectively stimulate the flow of blood on the scalp, increasing blood circulation so as to reduce hair loss and strengthen hair roots.


100% Natural Ingredients:

Ginger,natural plant extracts,curcuma longa (turemric) root oil,melaleuca alternifolia(tea tree)leaf oil


-- Effectively Prevent Hair Loss

-- Stimulate Hair Grow

-- Enhance Hair Texture

-- Repair Damaged Hair


Package Include:

1*Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil



Suitable For:

● Frequent hair fall,low hair volume,hairine move up,stress alopecia

● Who want to increase their hair and promote re-growth

● People with damaged hair who frequently perm and dye their hair

● Hair with no shine and no elasticity



Main Effect:


√ Anti Hair Loss

√ Reduce Hair Loss

√ Nourish Root

√ Promote Hair Growth

√ Improve Hair Follicel



Usage Tip:


Step1: Wash and dry the hair


Step2: Put 2-3 drops of Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil on your palm


Step3: Gently massage with your fingertips onto scalp and work from root to tip



 2.0 upgraded hair growth and anti-loss serum advantages:


1. Capacity: the original 30ml upgraded to 50ml, longer use and care.

2. texture: refreshing and nourishing serum, get rid of the greasy feeling!

3. ingredients: ① increase 2% Kopyrrol, is a hair growth raw material that is said to be higher than the data indicators of hair growth gold minoxidil. ② Increase Hydrolyzed Yeast ProteinKeratin and Prebiotics.


How does this product work:


2% Kebiluo + Ginger Root + Polygonum Polygoni Multiflori is a three-in-one combination for better result. Kopyrrol activates hair follicles and enhances hair growth rate. Ginger root stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, and helps hair growth. Polygonum multiflorum regulates hair loss caused by lack of human essence and energy caused by staying up late, stress, and other factors, making the hair thick, black, shiny, soft, and shiny.


Double protein care (hydrolyzed yeast protein + keratin), taking into account the dual maintenance of scalp and hair, helps to prevent hair loss and hair growth.


Prebiotics balances the micro-ecological barrier of the scalp and improve scalp inflammation problems such as scalp oil, dandruff, itchy scalp, and rash on the scalp.