BioloMix Food Dehydrator - wellvy wellness store
BioloMix Food Dehydrator - wellvy wellness store
BioloMix Food Dehydrator - wellvy wellness store
BioloMix Food Dehydrator - wellvy wellness store
BioloMix Food Dehydrator - wellvy wellness store

مجفف الطعام بيولومكس

$187.50 $146.50 يحفظ 22%

Style: BD1200 5 Trays

Style: BD1200 5 Trays
BD1200 5 Trays
BFD806 6 Trays

Plug Type: EU

Plug Type: EU

التوفر : متوفر النظام السابق إنتهى من المخزن

Enjoy healthy and delicious snacks with the BioloMix Food Dehydrator. This innovative device allows you to quickly and safely dry fruits, and vegetables, without added sugars or preservatives. Enjoy snacks that are 90% less fat and 90% less shrinkage than traditional methods. Make your own delicious treats and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


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    Porduct Features:

    • POWERFUL DRYING CAPACITY - Equipped with 400W of drying power, this food dehydrator removes moisture and locks in the original flavors of your favorite foods; Excellent craftsmanship means excellent operation with a
      97% vitamin and mineral retention rate; This is definitely the best way to preserve food.

    • TIMER & TEMPERATURE ADJUSTABLE - Features adjustable timer and temperature functions; Drying temperature can be set from 35℃-70℃, while the time can be set from 0-24 hours; Choose the optimal time and temperature depending on the ingredients; A hot air fan will automatically switch on and off to balance the temperature;
      Never worry about making a mess again.

    • 5 LAYERS OF BPA FREE TRAYS - This food dehydrator is designed with 5 large capacity drying racks, which is enough to hold most food items and create uniform drying; 5 trays provide the ultimate convenience to
      classify different food and increase productivity.

    • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made of a stainless-steel base and premium plastic trays, all the materials are free of BPA, and are absolutely safe for your health; The digital LED display screen allows you to accurately time and control temperature settings; Enjoy an easy, healthy homemade snack without any additives.

    • EASY TO STORE & CLEAN - The dehydrator is detachable and the trays are dishwasher safe, making it easy and convenient for you to clean and store; Suitable for drying fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs, mushrooms, or to make beef jerky, turkey jerky, fish jerky, and any other homemade food; Also can be used to make chews and snacks for your pets.

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