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Lurlaxy Herbal Pain Reliver Cream, Natural Ingredients, Nano Tec

Lurlaxy Herbal Pain Reliver Cream, Natural Ingredients, Nano Tec

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Key ingredients of Lurlaxy Cream

- Turmeric extract Help inhibit inflammation.

- Mangosteen Extract Anti antioxidant and reduce inflammation.

- Chilli extract helps relieve the pain of the tendons.

- Ginger extract (Ginger) reduces inflammation of the joints and ligaments.

- Stirrick Acid

- Cyclone Methocone, Menthol

- Methyl salicylate



Light cream, non-greasy, fast absorbed with nanotechnology, pleasant aroma.

Relieves inflammation in the joint and muscle due to insect bites.

Curcuminiod has anti-inflammatory properties, swelling, inflammation, acute and chronic inflammation.

Chili extract reduces the pain of arthritis.

Mangosteen Extract reduces inflammation and anti-bacterial.

Ginger extract stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, helps reduce inflammation of the joints, decreases muscular disorders. And reduce bruises.

How to use

Lightly massage the area where the aches and pains. Repeat as often as desired.


50 g


Should be Stored below 30 ° C


This product is only for external use. don't apply on open wound or torn areas. for sensitive skin. try a little amount before use

Made in Thailand


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