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SoyFresh Non Dairy SOYA Milk, 1Ltr - WELLVY wellness & beauty

SoyFresh Non Dairy Soy Milk

Soyfresh is a natural source of Proteins Soyfresh is fortified with calcium and vitamins Soyfresh is a non-dairy lactose free and gluten-free drink Soyfresh has low saturated fats and being...
Wellness Loose Leaf Bundle - wellvy wellness store

Wellness Loose Leaf Bundle

A selection of 3 herbal tea blends with a variety of health benefits. Hand blended in the UK and caffeine-free. Come in pouches of 100g each. Includes: - Ginger &...
Energize Tea 150g - wellvy wellness store

Energize Tea 150g

Creative energy for you For a clear head and at the same time new creative power, our Energize tea is just right for you. Carefully cultivated black tea from the...
Purify Tea 75g - wellvy wellness store

Purify Tea 75g

For your mental balance Let go of accumulated stress and rejuvenate your body and mind with our Purify tea. Highly effective ingredients such as organic tulsi & moringa leaves revitalize...
Ayurveda Tea Gift Set - wellvy wellness store

Ayurveda Tea Gift Set

Product description Discover our entire tea collection with our Energize, Relax and Purify teas. Whether you want to wake up in the morning, relax in the afternoon or boost your...
Organic Veda Moringa Lemon Amla Tea - wellvy wellness store

Organic Veda Moringa Lemon Amla Tea

A REFRESHING BLEND OF MORINGA LEAF, AMLA FRUIT, AND CALMING LEMONGRASS ORGANIC VEDA Moringa Lemon Amla tea blended with the effective health benefits of original, potent moringa and Amla fruit....
Moringa Digestive Tea - wellvy wellness store

Moringa Digestive Tea

SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH AND STOMACH-SOOTHING TEA ORGANIC VEDA Moringa Digestive tea is a unique natural blend specially formulated to support the digestion system. The traditional combination of ginger, cumin, coriander,...
Sakura Cleanse Detox Tea - wellvy wellness store

Sakura Detox Tea: Japanese Cleansing Elixir

Sakura Cleanse Detox Tea It contains cassia alata which surely helps regulate your bowel movement. Golden candle and cassia tora seeds are good for detox. Burdock enriches dietary filer for...

Taste Nervana Matcha and Green Tea Box

Coco Matcha | with Matcha Green Tea WHAT MAKES THIS SPECIAL: Good for you Matcha Sweet Thai Coconuts Not From Concentrate Simply Matcha Tea and Coconut Water. REAL HAPPINESS INSIDE...