Expert Hair Care Tips for Men: Your Ultimate Guide

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Expert Hair Care Tips for Men: Your Ultimate Guide


Whether they are short or long, it is not always easy to maintain our hair well. So here are some tips that should help you maintain it without overcrowding!


1. Wash your hair at the right temperature


It is advisable to wash your hair in lukewarm, even cold water. As the hair is very fragile, the fresh water has the effect of tightening its “scales” and making it more resistant.


2. Make the shampoo penetrate with slight circular movements at the fingertips


The massage of the hair is an integral part of the washing. Just like your hairdresser’s. In addition to being nice, it’s excellent for your scalp. It’s good to join the helpful to the enjoyable!


3. Do not forget to rinse well the hair


The purpose of a good rinse is to remove the residue of the washing product that you have just applied and that carry with them the fat stuck on your hair.


4. Do not take his girlfriend’s shampoo


This is certainly the most important advice we can give you: women’s products are often not adapted to men’s hair! A good listener…


5. Have a light hand on styling products


There’s no point in covering your skull with a ton of sticky dough to get a silky effect. A hazelnut of a good product in the palm of the hand is enough.


6. Use a malleable paste or a hair wax to give a natural movement


The cardboard effect gel, it was really nice in the years 90, but today we return to the natural. To be capped without looking, you have to choose a product that suits you and for that, the hair wax is ideal!


7. React quickly from the first signs of hair loss


It’s a bit like wrinkles, it’s better to prevent than to heal! Some products are designed to combat the early stages of hair refinement. With a shampoo, a treatment and a spray for the scalp enriched with the Aminexil, anti-fall molecule, you will avoid the first signs of loss.


8. While waiting for the results, use an instant thickening treatment


Some men have a small thickness of hair. To remedy this, you can use products that increase the diameter of each hair like the Filloxane.


9. Well wash your hair after each sport session


It is essential to eliminate sweat or dust in the hair after a sports session to free them from all the elements that make them dull. In case of daily sports, choose a shampoo designed for frequent use.


10. Do not forget to go to the hairdresser!


A beautiful cut of masculine hair can drastically change the morphology of your face. This implies finding the one that suits you by asking for advice from a hairdresser beautician, for example


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