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Tomazing plus 2 dietary supplement for enlarged prostate


Tomazing Plus: Solves enlarged prostate problems. Abnormal urination, Painful urination, Bloody urine, Urinary incontinence urinating at the wrong time, decreased...

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Tomazing Plus: Solves enlarged prostate problems. Abnormal urination, Painful urination, Bloody urine, Urinary incontinence urinating at the wrong time, decreased sex drive

    Enlarged prostate the silent threat that all men face‼

    - Men aged 45 and older found 20%.

    - Men aged 60 and older found 50%.

    - Men aged 80-90 years and over meet everyone!!

    Tomazing plus Rejuvenates the prostate

    Make it come back to use normally naturally Have excellent results from 100% natural extracts

    Enlargement of the prostate Shrink it back to normal size Suppress prostate enlargement,


     - Anti-inflammatory by natural extracts that have no negative health effects, pain, burning in the groin disappear.

    - Adjust the cells of the prostate gland to work naturally,

    - Urinating well, not interrupting

    - Urine, not too frequent.

    - Testicular pain disappear

    - Better masculinity,

    - healthier appearance,

    - lower prostate cancer risk

    The key ingredients 

    - Lycopene (Lycopene) Tomato Extract.. Prevent deterioration Reduce the risk of cancer of the prostate gland.

    - Zinc Oxide (Zinc Chloride).. helps prevent the enlarged prostate. Work efficiently Help the function of the reproductive organs

    - Niacin (Vitamin B3).. helps the work of the nervous system. Help the synthesis of sex hormones Increase the efficiency of the reproductive system

    - Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B1.. suppress all inflammation. And help maintain prostate tissue

    Direction of use

    Take 3 times: after breakfast - lunch and before going to bed, 2 capsules each time, should be continued for 1-2 months and should adjust behavior such as abstain from high fat foods

    Continue using until the symptoms are completely healed. In order to easily control it from returning to be repeated again

    There are no restrictions on food or lifestyle. You can live a normal life

     Package Size

    30 tablets per box / 500 mg 

    FDA number: 50-2-05159-5-0005

    Certified, Vegan

    Made in Thailand


    - Keep out of reach of children.

    - Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition

    Store in a cool, dry place 


    Frequently asked questions About Tomazing plus (FAQ)

    Question 1: Who should use Tomazing plus?

    Answer 1: This product is recommended for the prevention of prostatitis or enlargement, for men over 30-35 years of age, and for the relief of symptoms and rehabilitation of the prostate for patients with chronic prostatitis.


    Question 2: How is Tomazing plus different from other prostatitis treatment products?

    Answer 2: Tomazing Plus is 100% natural and does not contain any chemical or industrial grade drugs and does not cause any side effects as is the case with conventional medicines. Tomazing products do not relieve symptoms alone. But nourish and restore the condition of the prostate to function normally. Like in my youth


    Question 3: Why is it necessary to use Tomazing plus continuously for a month?

    Answer 3: To ensure results from treatment are sustainable. recommend to use the product in a month series. The duration depends on the individual physical condition. where the staff will guide you in detail when you will make your order


    Q4: How long will the results of Tomazing plus last?

    Answer 4: Properties of Tomazing Will have effects on the cellular and immune system if the product is consumed for a month and will produce lasting results for a long time from 12 months and more. It depends on the physical condition at the start of treatment. If necessary, the product can be taken as the next course after a break.


    Q 5: What effect does Tomazing plus have on male sexual performance?

    Answer 5: Tomazing normalizes the blood system in the prostate gland, the thighs and the entire genitals. In addition, the components contain natural substances that stimulate the production of testosterone in the body. Which is the strength hormone of a man