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Miss-S Natural Cleansing Gel

Miss-S Natural Cleansing Gel

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A special combination of neem leaves, licorice, aloe Vera and vitamin B5. It deeply cleanses the skin and clears it from acne, removes make-up, reduces oiliness in the skin, tightens pores, makes the skin smooth and clear.

•Helps reduce oiliness, clogged acne, inflammatory acne

•Tighten pores

•Clear skin

•Removes makeup to be deeply cleaned

•Soften skin after washing

Made in Thailand

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Customer Reviews

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The best face wash

I have been in search of a good face wash for a long time now because any face wash that I use drips away the moisture from my face but this face wash here doesn’t do that .
It balances your skin.
Doesn’t dry out your skin or doesn’t make your skin oily either.
Makes your skin soft
Helps in deeply cleaning your skin and makes it feel smooth.
Definitely recommended.