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MAGARU Japanese baby & kids Toothbrush

MAGARU Japanese baby & kids Toothbrush

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Magaru Children's Toothbrush 

There are models 0-3 years and 3-6 years.

 Manufactured and imported from Japan

  • Curved brush head prevent excessive pressure
  • The size of the brush head is suitable for the mouth.
  • The brush handle is firm, not slippery.

“The first toothbrush for your child” “Gently clean brush Help reduce the danger that may occur from brushing the teeth of young children.

There is production, testing the flexion of the brush neck. to adjust the pressure to not exceed 200 g. which is the proper pressure to clean that will not harm the child's gums and teeth 

 ′′ Children brush their teeth easier ′′ is a confirmation from many mothers.

A toothbrush designed especially for children. under the concept "Healthy teeth that are clean, strong and safe for children" is a toothbrush invented and produced in Japan 100% (every production process and every material is made in Japan), so you can be confident in terms of inspection standards. quality and safety

Received the Best Quality Product Award from the Osaka Governor on February 6, 2018, and many other awards in Japan.

toothbrush to make baby love brushing

The brush neck can be bent for the safety of the child. and the appropriateness of pressure while brushing (Especially the baby model (starting to have teeth-3 years old) can bend the whole one)

small brush head Able to reach the inner teeth's corners effectively

Soft nylon bristles, straight cut face, rounded bristles tip. The bristles adhere tightly and have a high frequency of bristles.

  • The handle is designed for children to hold firmly, not slippery.
  • Made with materials Antibacterial
  • Reduces the danger of impact
  • Recommended by a Japanese pediatric dentist.
  • 100% invented and made in Japan

The bend of the toothbrush neck (exclusively proprietary to the Magaru toothbrush) helps maintain a pressure level of 150-200g, which is the optimum pressure to clean teeth without harming teeth and gums. It doesn't make children feel hurt when brushing their teeth.


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