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Kiremo Camellia Blossom Soothing Essence

Kiremo Camellia Blossom Soothing Essence

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  • Helps intimate area to be firm and young
  • Bright & pinkish skin
  • Reduce melanin creation
  • Maintain softness and moisture of intimate area
  • Balance pH of intimate area
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Minimize leucorrhea (use with foam mousse for faster result)
  • Prevent molds and bacteria
  • Reduce allergy to sanitary napkin
  • Stimulate skin exfoliation 
  • Minimize undesirable odor

Direction of use

1. Clean intimate area

2. Wipe intimate area and squeeze only 1-2 drops of the soothing essence on clean finger

3. Gently apply on labia major and labia minor and clench for 3-5 times for fit and firm intimate area

4. When the cream is absorbed into skin, you can wear clothes immediately


20 ml

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