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HULX Natural Dietary Supplement for Men

HULX Natural Dietary Supplement for Men

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Men's dietary supplements are 100% natural, does not contain viagra, selected by quality raw materials to help with erection, and support sexual wellness in general for all ages.


-Rice Germ Oil 200 mg.

-Sesame Oil 100 mg.

-Ginseng Root Powder 80 mg.

-Shiitake Powder 80 mg.

-Yamabushitake Mushroom Powder (Yamabushiitake Powder) 80 mg.

-Mitake Mushroom Powder 80 mg.

-MitakeTake Cordyceps Powder 80 mg.

-Ginger Powder 50 mg.

-Rainbow Plant Powder 50 mg.

-Reishi Mushroom Powder 5

-Coenzyme Q10 100 % 25 mg.

-Yeast Beta-Glucan 85 % (Yeast Beta-Glucan 85 %) 25 mg.

    Direction of use

    - Take 1 capsule before activities 15 – 30 minutes

    - For nourishment Take 1 capsule at a time. Evening or before bedtime 


    - Store in a dry place and in a cool place to keep out of the sun


    Individuals with high hepatitis 2 and higher hepatitis, dialysis Patients with tumors and cancer Children under the age of 12 who take anticoagulant drugs such as Warfarin, Aspirin, Clopidogrel should not take the drug. Some of the symptoms include red ears, hot flashes. It is caused by improved blood pumping and a tonic hot herb.


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